Friday, July 22, 2011

Bigfoot Country

I live in Bigfoot Country. My home is in Northwest Colorado, in a small resort town surrounded by miles and miles of backcountry seldom trod by human foot. I'm a flyfishing guide, and when I go out to some of the better-known fishing holes, I still rarely see anyone. Seems everyone wants to hang together in or near town. Even the mountain bikers and hikers never really get that far out.

And I bet a lot of you live in Bigfoot Country, too—and you may not even know it. Even people in some of the more urban areas live near Bigfoot, although they might laugh at the thought. I'm thinking of someone who reported seeing a Bigfoot out their office window in downtown Salt Lake City, near the capitol building. It was walking in the foothills not so far away.

Think of it—a sighting right out your office window. Makes you feel safer out camping than being at home.

OK, maybe not, especially when it's pitch black and something really big is stomping around your tent and huffing and then your tent starts being pulled along. I personally would probably pee my pants.

How cool would that be to come around the corner on a backroad like this and see Uncle Hairy walking along, carrying an iPod and listening to this song (caution, not safe if at work).

So, don't take anything for granted, keep your eyes open and your mind open, too, cause I think Bigfoot is attracted to those who love nature and see it for its wonder and beauty. Bigfoot Country is where the Big Guy lives, and where I want to live, too, far from the crowds. 

As long as he doesn't mind and doesn't try to steal my breakfast pancakes. Write me at rustybigfoot at if you've ever met Mr. Big. Your anonymity is guaranteed. —Rusty

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