Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ten Intense Bigfoot Campfire Stories

My latest book is now out, and I think you'll really enjoy this one. It's full of good stories—but be sure to turn the lights on and close the curtains before you start reading, even if it's still daylight.

I've been chewed out by several people who started reading my books, couldn't put them down, then looked up to see it was dark outside. They'd left the curtains open and were too scared to even get up to close them. It might be best to read my books when someone else is around, just so you don't get too weirded out. And whatever you do, do not read them when you're out camping. If you do, I'm not responsible.

When dealing with Bigfoot stories, I've found the real scare comes from your own imagination. The human mind is perfectly capable of scaring the rest of the body beyond belief. That in itself is kind of scary. My stories come to me from others and they swear they're true, and I've found they all use the human mind scaring itself technique—there's no blood and gore.

Anyway, this is available only as an ebook, but I have bundled the stories from this book into a print book, which is called Rusty WIlson's Favorite Bigfoot Campfire Sotires and is available exclusively from Also included are my ebooks, Rusty WIlson's Hairy Trio of Bigfoot Campfire Stories and Six Short Bigfoot Campfire Stories. So if you don't use an ereader, here's your chance to have them all in print—19 stories and 245 pages for $15.99.

I'll post a couple of the stories here in the future. But like I said, turn the lights on and close the windows.

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