Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Bigfoot Forum and Boot Camp!

I just joined what I hope will become a really great Bigfoot Forum. It can be accessed here and is called Northwestbigfootfreeforums.

It was started by Jaymi, a real Bigfoot pro, one who spends their time out in the field looking for Bigfoot instead of at home talking about Bigfoot. Now don't get me wrong, I love to sit around and talk Bigfoot, but it really doesn't hold a candle to getting out there in the woods and looking for one. (Actually, sometimes I prefer sitting around talking about Bigfoot, cause getting out there can be dang scary.)

Jaymi is the person behind the Bigfoot Bootcamp, which is a really cool way to introduce your kids to the outdoors, adventure, and being self-sufficient and capable at survival skills. I highly recommend this, and if I were a kid, I would go beyond recommending it and would be bugging my parents to take me along—yes, you the parent get to go, too, under the guise of being a good parent while having a lot of fun.

So, foot it on over to the forum and join up, it's free, though I encourage you to become a VIP member to help Jaymi in the good work she's doing. It's only 20 bucks, which is just a few Zagnut bars or sticks of Jack Link's beef jerky. And then go check out the Boot Camp.

See you in the woods!

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