Monday, January 20, 2014

New Book! Chasing After Bigfoot

Well, I sure haven't been posting on my blog lately, but I have a good excuse (I think, anyway). I've been working on my newest book, and it's now finally done! It's available here at

Since it's avalable only from Amazon in Kindle format,   be aware that you can get a free Kindle app from Amazon—just go their main page and select Kindle and you'll see a link on that new page. 

Here's the Introduction:

Dear Fellow Adventurers,

As you may know, I’m a fly-fishing guide, and I’ve collected many Bigfoot stories around campfires from my clients. (“Rusty Wilson’s Bigfoot Campfire Stories” and others in that series.) 

When I’m sitting around the fire listening to these stories, the storyteller will often tell the actual place where their Bigfoot encounter happened. I almost always change these locations in my books. Given what I believe is the declining number of this species, I feel we need to be very careful to not intrude on their habitat any more than we already do.

But I always wondered what it would be like to go searching in those places, places where there have been actual encounters—some of which were real doozies. I call places where there was more than one such encounter “Bigfoot hotspots.”

My wife, Sarah, and I discussed this for some time, and I always felt a bit conflicted about the whole thing—I would hear of others going on organized searches, sometimes in fairly large numbers, and I’d wonder, what does the Big Guy think about all this? I always felt that he or she probably felt hunted. I know I would. 

I wanted to see a Bigfoot, but I just couldn’t justify intruding into their terrain. I know I wouldn’t like someone coming into my territory, purposely searching for me and my family.

While thinking about all this (usually while fishing), a thought finally began to take shape: what if I were to go to Bigfoot hotspots and just hang around camp, trying to be as unobtrusive as possible and not tramping into the woods looking for them? Would they maybe come to me from curiosity?

Another thought was in the back of my mind—would I be able to find definitive proof of the existence of Bigfoot, something many scoff at or question? And if I did, what would I do with it?  

I tried to be honest with myself. If I did find such proof, I knew I would never sell it, and I wasn’t sure I would even share it with anyone except my wife, who I trust implicitly. I’m not interested in self-aggrandizement, and I feel that most media sensationalize the topic of Bigfoot. I wanted no part of that.

I simply have a life-long curiosity about Bigfoot. I wanted to see one—in a nutshell, meet the elusive creature I’d heard so much about over campfires. I also feel strongly that we must start preserving their habitat, and this won’t happen until we can list them as a real species, and possibly as an endangered one. But what part I wanted to play in that was not clear to me, as I wanted nothing to do with anything that could also possibly make them even more endangered.

So, I decided I would go camping. I would take off for a month and follow my heart, go chasing after the Big Guy—though I can tell you, when I realized my dream could become reality, I was kind of scared.

Did I have what it would take to camp in a tent in these Bigfoot hotspots all alone? I wouldn’t actually be chasing after Bigfoot—if anything, he’d be chasing after me. I hoped I had the fortitude and courage to let him find me, were he so inclined. To be honest, the thought was both intriguing and terrifying.

And so, in late July, off I went, and I can tell you this—it takes a lot more to live through a Bigfoot story than it does to hear someone else’s. There were times when I amazed myself at my courage—but more often, I was shocked at how big of a chicken I could be. Things just didn’t come down like I expected them to—not one bit. 

Unlike in my camp fire stories, the locations in this book are exactly where the event happened. I mention this because you might want to stay away from those places—or go there, if you’re ready. My vision of Bigfoot has always been that he’s a benign creature, but there were a few times during my “expedition” that I wasn’t so sure. 

So, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate, kick back by the fire, and be prepared for a story that may make your teeth chatter just a bit—and if it does, believe me, it won’t be from the cold.

I hope you enjoy it! —Rusty


  1. Hi Rusty. Just read your book Bigfoot Campfire Stories and loved it. I just ordered the second one. However, I am a bit put off and intrigued by the "about the author" part where you say that you lived with Bigfoot for ten years after being lost at the age of six then found by a "kindly" Bigfoot family who sent you to college. Were you jokingly referring to your human family?

    1. Hi - You're not the first to comment on this. :))

      I didn't want to put a real bio up because some of my friends that are into Bigfoot have had some bad experiences with people, so my publisher came up with this. It's supposed to be tongue in cheek, so take it as fun. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Hi Rusty, just started your recent book and so far I love it. I am more of a Michigan Dogman cryto lover but I took a vacation in Washington state, alone and somewhere remote and outdoors and got so many bigfoot vocals, and visited creekside all night. I wanted to send you what I had and my story to read, I would rather not post on here because I like you, want to keep them safe. Is there a way I can reach you privately? I looked online but didn't find anything, or is your email in the back of the book possibly?

    thanks Rusty, I completely related to your feeling of comfort once you are being observed, it's unsettling. I am headed back up for a day trip to bring them some treats.

  3. I can be reached at rustybigfoot at gmail dot com

    Give me a few days to reply, as I'm out in the backcountry a lot still. Rusty

  4. LOVED your Mysterious Bigfoot Campfire Stories (and intend to read more)...but felt a little frustrated with Chasing After Bigfoot, especially the ending. Am I really supposed to believe that you felt a large hand on your shoulder? Or were you embellishing, a la your Bigfoot family?
    I have enough trouble getting my family to take this seriously, even after they've heard and experienced some otherwise-explainable events. But if I gave them this book, with your "I'm sure I imagined this" viewpoint...they would laugh their heads off. I do believe that this is a real creature who is just very, very reclusive. After all, the DOW's slant on grizzlies is that they no longer exist in Colorado. Tell that to the group of hunters we talked to, who viewed one long-distance for quite some time, out in the boonies near Carbondale.
    I think of BF the same way.
    (Thanks for listening.)

  5. Rusty - I just finished reading Chasing After Bigfoot this morning. This is a really good story and I found myself switching between my Kindle and charting your progress using my map application on my tablet.

    The ending was deeply personal for you - thanks for sharing with us!

    I now am looking forward to reading more of your stories......

  6. Hi Rusty
    Your books are wonderful. After having read every book you've published, I can say I am one of your biggest fans. Please write more. These are tales that can be read aloud to the entire family.

  7. Hi Rusty
    Your books are wonderful. After having read every book you've published, I can say I am one of your biggest fans. Please write more. These are tales that can be read aloud to the entire family.

  8. Hey Rusty im new to your books, not to the bigfoot world but I was looking for new and real bigfoot stories and I found you on Audible and it was like a great new incredible awakening, or just rush I don't know how to properly describe the intense interest in these stories. I couldn't put each book down and basically devoured them one after the other and im almost through them, Im basically here to ask "please tell me your working on a few more (or a few dozen more) books". They are incredible and fascinating, WE WANT MORE!. Are you working on anything, maybe more Canadian stories or north west, andthing just moe lol.... -Nathan

  9. Hi Rusty, my name is Daphne Myers and my husband and I run a bigfoot store in Bailey, CO called the Sasquatch Outpost. We are wanting to carry your books (printed editions) as we have a lot of campers and Bailey is a hotspot for Bigfoot activity. We would be interested in buying them direct from you if at all possible. Could you possibly contact us at Thank you!