Sunday, August 14, 2011

On Photographing Mr. Big

I've always been puzzled why so many people have encounters with Bigfoot and yet there haven't been any good photos (and we'll leave the PGF out of this, as it's a bit too controversial). I mean, surely someone somewhere would get a good shot. Something besides a blobsquatch, I mean.

This is one of the main arguments people who don't believe in Mr. Big bring up to counter his existence—no photos or films—but I think that maybe there's a valid scientific explanation for this.

There are a number of scenarios that would work and that would still follow the scientific paradigm. For example, what if Bigfoot has developed some sort of hair gel that reflects certain light waves? I mean, of course they would have to keep up with the technological advances of human photography and go from an anti-film gel to an anti-digital gel, but what if? 

And perhaps the human eye can detect things the camera can't (though photographers will say just the opposite), but what if? We can see Mr. Big when conditions are right, but our cameras can't—as long as Mr. Big wears the gel. So, we see him crossing the road ahead of us, but the camera just can't handle it.

But what if Mr. Big gets up one morning and forgets his mousse? Surely that would have happened just once, and we'd have a good photo, but it hasn't. This leads us to the possibility that Bigfoot has a natural built-in deflective gel and doesn't have to bother applying it. Perhaps something that developed as an evolutionary defense against us ever-encroaching humans being able to photograph him.

I mean, humans seeing Bigfoot isn't all that dangerous and might even be a good thing, especially on busy freeways—but being able to capture a Bigfoot on film could lead to all kinds of bad things, like people who never believed before now organizing Bigfoot hunts. So maybe this was a natural development. Makes sense to me...

I'm sure someday this conundrum will be solved, but until then, we need to think outside the box. And perhaps, just perhaps, we'll figure out that just because we can't photograph something, we're a bit presumptive to say it doesn't exist.

Hows about the love my little Beagle has for me (and likewise me for him) and my dear wife worrying about me when I go Bigfootin'? Can't photograph any of that, but it sure does exist. 

Not quite the same you say? I dunno, maybe it is...

Mr. Big just came sauntering along and jumped up and grabbed this limb, swung off it, and landed in the bushes. I swore I got a few good photos, but this tree was all the camera showed when I downloaded the pictures later...

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