Friday, January 13, 2012

Ghosts??? Dunno....

Well, people keep asking me if I ever hear anything besides Bigfoot stories around the campfire, and of course I do. There are always the inevitable spook and ghost type stories, but to me, these are kind of just weird and not necessarily true, just figments of the imagination. I believe Bigfoot exists, but ghosts—well, dunno, never seen one.

But...I will say I've heard some really strange stories. After talking to a friend (who does believe in the stranger side of life), I decided to put down a few of these for posterity or whatever. The first one is probably the strangest of the bunch, and it's called "The Ghost of the Canadian Mountie."

Now, it's not what you might think, like some weird Canadian Mountie ghost comes to haunt someone out in the backcountry where said Mountie died a horrible death or something. No, it's just plain strange and has more to do with destiny and precognition. 

Anyway, you can now buy it on Amazon for the princely sum of 99 cents. And better yet, it's going to be free tomorrow and the next day (Jan. 14 and 15, 2012). It also has a Bigfoot ghost story included, "The Green River Ghost,"  from my first book. Even if you're not into ghost stories, I think you'll enjoy this tale...or is it true???

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