Friday, January 20, 2012

A Little Bigfoot Expert—A New Generation of Bigfoot Researchers!

I received a very special letter yesterday from a Third Grader named Everett that I'd like to share with you:

Dear Rusty Wilson,

I have been a Bigfoot believer since I was seven and I am now nine. My name is Everett. I've wanted to see a Bigfoot in real life, but I haven't yet. I live right in the middle of Iowa, but almost all of the sightings have been in the eastern part of Iowa.

I wanted to know if Joe ever went back and saw another Bigfoot? And if Baker and his sister ever told their story of Bigfoot to anybody else than you? I also wanted to hear any encounters you had if you ever had one. I do kind of want to know about your lifestyle. I can tell you about mine! 

So anyways I truly believe in Bigfoot. One I heard whistling in the woods. I'm really good at calling and communicating with them too. I watched this episode on Animal Planet called "Finding Bigfoot" and they heard this whistle, so I wonder if I had the encounter. I never saw it though. My friend Taylor heard this low deep growl in the woods when she was by a stream. I think it was Bigfoot, if it was Bigfoot it probably growled because she was too close to their water source, but I don't know. I'm almost like a little Bigfoot expert! Ha! Ha! I saw other Bigfoot books by you too. I really want to read them. Please write back and answer my questions.

Bigfoot believer, just like you,

Well, Everett, I'll be sending you a letter soon, but I just wanted to share this with my readers, as it's fun to know someone at your young age is studying the Bigfoot mystery. Everett's mom tells me he's also started a Bigfoot Believer Club at his school and has 13 members already! 

The book he's referring to is Six Short Bigfoot Campfire Stories. I don't think Joe ever went back, from the way he talked, but I did, as I live not far from where that incident happened (Buffalo Pass near Steamboat Springs). I did hear some strange sounds there, but never saw anything. And as for Baker and his sister, I know they told their parents about their encounter, but I don't know about telling others.

And Everett, my lifestyle is actually pretty quiet most of the time, though I love it—taking people out to nice fishing spots and helping them learn how to catch a few (we do catch and release), and then sometimes making a big dutch-oven dinner for everyone and afterwards sitting around the campfire talking about Bigfoot. There are worse ways to live.

Maybe Everett will come out West one of these days and do some Squatchin' with me. If he ever does, I know we'll have some good stories to tell! And thanks for the great letter, my young friend, some more books are on their way. Keep on squatchin'!


  1. Hey Rusty it's me again,Everett. I have a question for you: did you seriously grow up with real Bigfoot? Please answer soon,Everett

  2. Hi Everett,

    Well, let's just say the story may have been a little more creative than what actually happened and maybe some of it was wishful thinking. OK, maybe ALL of it was wishful thinking and my publisher was having a little fun. But I did grow up deep in the forests of Washington, and I will say it influenced my thinking a lot.

    But never wish you had grown up with Bigfoot—there's a lot to be said for being able to get up in the morning and have yourself a bowl of Cheerios instead of looking for roots or wild pigs.

    Yer pal, Rusty